My First Wedding Cake

My First Wedding Cake

Well this past weekend I made my first Wedding Cake for some friends, it was by far the biggest cake I ever made.  The cake was requested by the Groom, it was my Guinness Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.  I also tried my hand at Gum Paste Flowers the recipe can be found here. … Continue reading

Back to Work

It is official, I am headed back to work tomorrow.  I will be working at a hotel but not in the operations department, I will be working as an activities coordinator.  I am so excited about this opportunity and I think it will be a very fun and exciting job. What does this mean for … Continue reading

Rainbows and Gold Pots Decor

Rainbows and Gold Pots Decor

It is Spring Break which means I have been trying very hard to keep the kids occupied without electronics (TV or Kindle).  The Princess pointed out our house lacks of St. Patrick’s Day Decor and we needed to make some.  I told her to come up with some ideas and we would make it.  The … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning and Other Things

I have been quiet recently mainly because I am a college student and it is also had cookie season (I am so glad it is over).  My first official class started this week but I have been doing orientation classes and paperwork almost daily for the past month.  It is nice to think someday soon … Continue reading

Han Solo in Carbonite Cake

Han Solo in Carbonite Cake

Last weekend I made an egg-free yellow cake for one of my friends for his birthday.  I of course don’t make “normal” cakes I make “cool” cakes as my daughter says.  I decided to make my first cake in three years (it really has been that long) and make it of course epic.  There were … Continue reading

Going to Hit the Books

It has been a little over a week since I last wrote and big changes are in the works, I am going back to school.  Why?  I guess I want to show my kids getting an education is important and having that degree is important to me.  Another minor thing is I accidentally submitted my … Continue reading

Snow Days

I love the south if I didn’t I would have left many, many years ago.  I also miss snow, crazy as it seems but it really doesn’t feel like winter unless I see snow.  So when the news started with their crazy “Snow” coverage I was amused to say the least.  I have lived in … Continue reading

I’m Ready…

After five years of staying home with my children (now 8 and 4) I am starting the process of going back to work full time.  I started the process last October when an opportunity came along, I interviewed but I did not get the job.  Since then I have been doing my research on what … Continue reading

A Photo A Day With My Kids

One of the things I started this year is a photo documentation project with my kids.  I really wanted to see how much they (and I) change in a year.  I came up with a hash tag (crazy I know) #photoadaywithmykid and each day I take a “selfie” with each kid.  They are loving it, … Continue reading

A Very Cold and Late Happy New Year

I survived the holidays and Christmas Vacation without loosing my mind.  I do believe there should be some kind of medal for all parents who survive Christmas Break especially when it rains.  Yes it rained, it rained for several days matter of fact my backyard is still muddy.  Not to mention the crazy cold. Yesterday … Continue reading